It is the largest listing site, finding and rental accommodation. Anyone can enter any property which can accommodate prospective tenants. It is one of the largest  search properties engine worldwide.

Why is the easiest way for all owners who want to rent their property. We do everything needed without losing minute of your time and without getting tired.

Fiil in the form and send photos of your property to Cretabnb.

Then one of our partners will contact with you in order to become a meeting and see your property and make a first assessment of the property.

Finally if we agree on cooperation, all you have to do is to be informed from us about the progress of your property earning money.

NEEDS : It must be furnished, heating system, water heating, closet, kitchen,fridge, household cookware, (cutlery,dishes,glasses). First aid kit, TV, Internet

Optionally: Disabled access, satellite tv, games, DVD.

The method of payment is via bank account.You will be credited to your account the money 24 hours after the arrival of the tenants minus the commission of Cretabnb.

We must be informed by you when the property is available(dates) and prepared for rent.We also should know which are the unavailable dates for rent for better managment.

If you want to interrupt the cooperation with Cretabnb and there are bookings in progres ,  you are responsible to complete them as agreed. The commission of Cretabnb still exists even after the cancellation of our agreement.

The majority of owners rent their properties(villas,apartments,countrysides homes etc). There are also a lot of people that rent only one room inside their house.

All of them must be furnished,clean and ready to accomodate their customers.

All depends on the property and the interest fo reservations. The average ranging revenue is 2.500- 3000 to € 12,000 per annum.

ABSOLUTELY ! Cretabnb can handle the management of your property to the existing profile and gurantee for better customer  services ,succeed better reviews and that results to increase your income.

Properties that are newer and more beautiful are more attractive. Important factor is the location of each property. The most favorite properties are those which are closest to the cities center,so the travelers can navigate to the cities easily.

Of course properties that are away from the city or their location is in villages are good for rental too but must provided some attractions.

Those that are away from the sea and near villages refer more to agrotourism and customers who prefer those like more the nature and the relaxed vacations.

Crete is a blessed place and its beauty vaies so wherever located your property someone would love to visit it.

The Cretabnb team work on that purpose. We promote your property using the best techniques, acting with honesty regarding the services provided. Furthermore, we promote the properties in social media in order to have better results.

Cretabnb can not guarantee a certain number of reservations.